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Energy Twirl

Here's how to create an abstract energy twirl image like this:

Step 1

Create a blank document, I made it 400x400.

Fill the background with black

Apply Filter --> Render --> Clouds and then Filter --> Render --> Difference Clouds and use CTRL-I to inverse the colors

Step 2

Hit CTRL-L to bring up the Levels dialog and set it to something like this:

It will look like this now:


Step 3

Bring up Color Balance (CTRL-B) and apply these or similar values:

Step 4

Next up is Filter --> Blur --> Radial Blur:

Step 5

Copy your layer and set it to Lighten.

Apply the Distort --> Twirl Filter :

Merge down the layers (CTRL-E)

Copy the layer again and set it to Lighten

Twirl again with a setting of about -600:

Step 6

Bring up color Balance again and play with the settings until you are satisfied with the outcome

There it is: your Energy Twirl: