Adobe Photoshop Tutorials


Fire Text with a Reflection

Maket this hot reflected fire text:

Step 1

Create a blank document of the desired size. Do not make it too small, you can crop it later on.

Dye the background black and type your text in white.

Create a new layer and dye it black.

Copy your text layer.

Merge (CTRL-E) your copied text layer and the new black layer.

Step 2

Rotate your image by 90 degree and apply the wind filter (Filter, Stylize, Wind) 3 or 4 times. Rotate the image back now.

Step 3

Use Gaussian Blur with a radius of about 7.

Then hit CTRL-U and pick this color:

Duplicate the layer and color the copy like this:

Your layer palette should look like this now:

Step 4

Set your top layer to color dodge and merge the two top layers.

Step 5

Hit CTRL-SHIFT-X to bring up the Liquify dialogue and start modeling the flames. Start with a big brush and reduce the size as you get into the detailed flame modeling.

Step 6

Move your original text layer to the top and apply these layer styles:

Outer Glow:

Gradient Overlay:

Step 7

Merge all the layers (CTRL-E)

On to the reflection:

Copy your one layer, choose Edit --> Transform --> Flip vertically.

Set the layer's blending mode to screen and position it properly beneath your fire text.

Lower it's opacity to someting like 10-30 percent and you're done with your fire text.