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Fire cube Text

Here's how to create this fire cube text:

Step 1

Create a blank document.

Black background. White foreground.

Type your text in a bold font of your choice and apply Filter --> Blur --> Gaussian Blur with a radius of something like 3.

Hit CTRL-E to merge down the layers.

Step 2

Duplicate your layer and select the upper layer.

Apply Filter --> Pixelate --> Mosaic and set the Cell Size to 9 or 10, depending on the size of your text.

Step 3

Now set the layer's opacity to 50 percent and use Filter --> Sharpen --> Sharpen three or four times.

Press CTRL-E again to merge the layers.

Step 4

The last steps to add the fire color:

Go to Image --> Mode --> Grayscale

then Image -->Mode --> Indexed Colors

and finally Image -->Mode --> Color Table and choose Black Body

Alright.. fire cube text done!