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Sunny Glossy Logo

This photoshop tutorial will show you how I created the logo to

Step 1

Create a new RGB document.

Background and foreground color do not really matter as these are going to change anyway.

The sun I used is from a font calles "whether" which you can get at

Use a bold font for the text.

Step 2

Now you need to apply some layer styles..

Inner glow:

Bevel and Emboss:

A Gradient Overlay:

(This is the gradient I used:)

And finally a stroke:

It will look something like this now:

Step 3

Now we're going to work on the glossy effect.

Now you have to use the pen tool to create a wavy shape like this:

(I colored the background so you can see the shape better)

Step 4

Hold down CTRL and click the text layer's icon to select the texts shape (the shape layer is still selected)

Go to Select --> Modif --> Contract and contract the selection by 2px.

Invert the selection (CTRL - SHIFT - I) and hit del to delete everything that's not inside the selection.

Set the shape layer's opacity to something like 30 percent.

You have a glossy logo now and are almost done:

Step 5

This last step is optional:

Fill the background with a nice gradient like this:

And that's it, there's your sunny glossy logo.